I would like to taste recipes that are traditional and new at the same time. A composition of flavors and colors of a Land that mixes stories of fierce cultures. Here, in front of the beach, to live a new dimension

An orchestra that interprets in an innovative and light way the Sicilian culinary tradition. A wide patio on the sand dunes of the beach leads the guests to the romantic atmosphere of the Restaurant. Le Spiagge Restaurant, the result of a combination of tradition and sophistication, where the gourmet selection gives a new interpretation to traditional Sicilian dishes. This place is welcoming and informal, ideal to have a break with a snack, pizza, or a light lunch around the pool.

Traditional recipes and raw materials interweave to create an elegant and sophisticated equilibrium of smells, colors and strong emotions. Vegetables from Catania, cheese from Siracusa, fish from the Eolie Islands, tender meat from Nebrodi, pistachios - the green gold - from Bronte, chocolate from Modica. Gastronomy at the Modica Beach Resort is a journey through the Mediterranean taste, contaminating flavors with creativity and vice-versa.
The Restaurant can sit 270 guests, and it is open from 8pm to 10:30pm with an à la carte menu except from June to September which will be buffet style.

The restaurant on the beach


A charming atmosphere, intimate and sophisticated, where the warm tones of wood in contrast with the sand dunes. The essence of Marina di Modica and the Sicilian gastronomy come to life in the cooking art of the Restaurant at Modica Beach Resort. Here, hospitality and good food are an invitation to relax and enjoy.

On the restaurant’s terrace between land and sea, from breakfast to dinner it is possible to enjoy explosions of tastes and recipes created for all needs.


The informal atmosphere of Le Dune is perfect for a light lunch under the parasol or around the pool. Surrounded by the dunes, the sea and the smells of wild flowers, the guests will be welcomed for a tasty break from swimming in the charming beach of Marina di Modica or from a jump in the clear waters.

Breakfast looking at the sea


From 7am to 10:30amit is possible to havebreakfastin total tranquility on the charming terrace on the beach. It is possible to serve breakfast earlier, upon request.
A moment dedicated to the awakening of the five senses. The light breeze goes with theintense perfumesand sweet treats prepared by the pastry chefs.

From milk to marmalades, from tasty cakes to classic cannoli, through yogurt and fruit always fresh, it is a succession oftypic Sicilian flavors.
From sweet to salty, with crepes, omelettes, traditional “panelle” and “arancine”, DOP cheese from Ragusa and high-quality cured meat, along with a variety of bread types. An explosion of taste and fantasy!

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