Safety, health and holidays, according to Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts

Are you thinking of a holiday at one of the Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts group facilities? I guess you're wondering what a vacation will be like in an extraordinary season like this.

A holiday by the sea or in the town is synonymous with wellness, pleasure, relaxation. To keep offering it, we have revolutionized our work! For the time being, the indications from the authorities are few. We started to get organized. Some changes will be possible if different indications are given to us.

Meanwhile, we monitor the updates of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Italian Institute of Health (ISS) daily, to adopt the suggested safety protocols in our Hotels & Resorts.

Our first concern is the well-being and safety of our guests and collaborators, in all circumstances.



To react to the uncertainty caused by the Covid 19 emergency, we have set up a special cancellation policy which we hope will encourage those who dream of booking a holiday with Lindbergh.

With thepolicy #IoViaggioItaliano, the rate can be canceled up to 24 hours before check-in.

For subsequent cancellations, no-show at the hotel will be charged an amount equal to 3 nights of the entire stay. The following policy is valid for bookings confirmed by June 30 2020.

Payment shall be made upon arrival at the Hotel (without advance payments/deposits).

At the time of booking, a credit card is requested as guarantee and for the balance of the reservation at check in.

The following policy is valid until further notice.




Throughout the years we have always sanitized our rooms before our guests’ arrival. We will continue to do this by paying even more attention. All spaces and whatever people touch frequently like the elevator buttons, the handles are sanitized several times a day.

Our Reception, trained for each emergency, will explain to Guests how to enjoy their holiday taking care of themselves, their spaces and others.

All Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts employees have received detailed guidelines and specific cleaning, hygiene and sanitization measures have been adopted in all our facilities, with the goal of providing safe and clean environments for our guests and for our entire personnel.

Here are the main measures to ensure a Covid-free hotel:

  • strict sanitization of bars, restaurants, shared areas and contact points (door handles, elevators, reception counters, common bathrooms, conference rooms etc.);
  • hand sanitizers positioned in the contact areas of the Guests;
  • thermometers available at receptions for conducting body temperature checks on request;

Finally, do not forget that the group are recently renovated or newly built properties and as such are equipped with new, modern and efficient ventilation systems.



Who knows us is aware that our Resorts boast the privilege of being inside unparalleled natural oases, located directly on the beach or a stone’s throw from them. Our large equipped beaches will allow you to place the parasols at the right distance and all the large outdoor communal areas, such as gardens, terraces or the pool area, will make an optimal distribution of holidaymakers easier.



Will the Mini Club be open this summer (for kids aged from 4 to 14 years)? We don’t know that yet. What we do know is that we will protect our kids. To enjoy more space, parents will not be able to get in. When there will be more kids, we will divide them according to age groups from 4 to 6 years and from 7 years upwards to manage smaller numbers and controllable spacing. Many activities will be outdoors, on the beach and in our large gardens. For safety reasons, we will measure the fever at the entrance. The rooms will be sanitized several times a day.

Can we have the Baby Club this summer (children from 1 to 3 years old)? Again, we don't know that yet.

In any case, we will protect kids as we have always done while awaiting the official regulations which we will duly apply.



From breakfast to dinner, in our restaurants we pamper you with the most suitable service. The pleasure of deciding how will be up to you. All our areas dedicated to catering, whether internal or external, offer ample space to correctly distance the tables between one another. If that is not enough, we will organize double service shifts, so that the pleasure of sitting at the table and tasting our cuisine will never be disturbed.

Some changes will be possible as soon as different indications will be given to us.




It's time to think about how much you will enjoy your holiday in one of the Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts facilities!

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